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LinkedIn is quickly becoming as much of a social media standard as Facebook and Twitter.

It’s one of the staples of the social media department at Incept - all of us Internet Conversational Marketing Experts (iCMEs) have a profile and connections. Heck, we’re starting to recommend each other and our coworkers. By doing so, we’re also recommending Incept in general.

Did you know that a new member joins LinkedIn every second? Professionals use it to network and post their resumes. As Chris Brogan says on his blog, it’s a “reputation engine.” Very recently, just on February 25th, LinkedIn launched their new “company search” feature. Recommending your coworkers and promoting your company is now more important than ever because,

“Now you can search for companies not only by attributes such as location, industry and size but also by how you are connected. You can filter a set of results to include only those companies where you have a direct connection or broaden your search to include companies in your extended network.” - The LinkedIn Blog

By using LinkedIn to recommend your coworkers and mention what they do for your company, you increase the “connection strength” of your business. If you and your coworkers have positive things to say about the company, then your partners, customers and prospective employees who frequent LinkedIn will read it.

But how should you recommend your colleagues on LinkedIn? What should you say about them and your company?

  1. Keep it positive. LinkedIn can be a source of advertising for yourself and your company. If you have anything less that flattering to say, keep it off the web.
  2. Be specific. If your coworker increased your department’s sales by 30%, mention the exact number.
  3. Use “resume” words. Don’t approach a LinkedIn recommendation like a casual conversation. Use professional language and vocabulary. There’s a big difference between saying “he does good work” and “he not only executes his tasks but uncovers strategies to increase efficiency.”

And remember, if you recommend someone, don’t be afraid to ask them to return the favor!

Do you use LinkedIn? How often?

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Karen Baglin March 3, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Totally agree that Linkedin should be yet another SM platform that companies use regularly and often. Other LI features that can really promote you & your brand are Answers, Events, Groups and Polls. Recently read an article about a guy who was quoted in 4 different publications after he contributed to Answers. Events are a way to publish and promote your brand’s events and those you’re attending. Groups are an excellent way to network within your area of expertise and build your own personal brand by contributing to those discussions. You can create your own Polls and publish them on the various SM platforms to gather data on whatever interests you:)


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