Are You Waiting or Creating Your Opportunities?

A question that often arises from many Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) at Incept, with things being finalized in our new Internet Conversational Marketing Expert (iCME) division, is this: “How do I get in?”

Many of our CMEs have additional talents – some that we try to spotlight in our video series, such as writing, filming, editing and blogging. I tell them the things that would make the biggest difference (from an outside perspective) and see where they stand with their ability or dedication to social engagement. I always tell people the things they need to do to prove they’re interested in joining the department prior to our next opening:

  • Engage on the page. Incept’s Facebook page isn’t just the main channel of fluid communication, from the new CME still in training all the way up the VP of Contact Center Results, it also embodies our company culture in videos, photos, recognition and new updates. If any CMEs become a part of that engagement, they become a part of the content we engineer every day. Even our President was able to tell me how funny it is that when he walks through the contact center, he now knows certain CMEs by name simply from seeing their faces on the Facebook page.
  • Create engagement driving content. Can you come up with an idea, statement, question or content that will ultimately drive another person to engage afterward? There are several different topics, approaches and visual affects that encourage engagement from various people. Being able to understand and leverage this for each business is an important step of lead generation.
  • Bring ideas to the table. The best people to work with are the people that are overflowing with ideas, suggestions, possibilities and goals. Genuine enthusiasm to help the group (as a whole) always outweighs the individual that merely wants to become a part of the department because it’s something they would like to do. Staying open-minded and looking at ideas from every angle helps to uncover just who the linchpins are within an organization.

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Meredith Morckel October 31, 2010 at 12:20 am

This is a skill I’m slowly learning! Lucky for me that Incept encourages it.


Cheri Allbritton March 30, 2011 at 4:36 pm

First of all, Hi Timothy, haven’t seen you in a while…(sounds like a line from a song).
Good post. Ideas, suggestions, creativity can all be built upon within a team that is willing to share with each other openly and freely.


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